Sea & Sea MDX-RX100III Underwater

for Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 III, IV, or V

SKU # ss.06171B



  • Depth Rating: 328'
  • Dual Fiber-Optic Ports for Strobes
  • Mechanical Controls
  • Access to All Camera Functions
  • Made from Galvanized Aluminum Alloy
  • Built-In, Flat Glass Lens Port
  • Accepts 67mm Wide-Angle and Macro Lenses
  • Compatible with Color-Correction Filters
  • Camera not included

Capture images of coral, humpback whales, and hippo tang fish with your Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 III, IV, or V Camera in Sea & Sea's black MDX-RX100III Underwater Housing, which features a depth rating of 328'. Dual fiber-optic ports enable the attachment of optional external strobes via cables. Mechanical push-buttons, dials, and a lever afford access to all camera functions.

A flat glass port protects the camera's lens, and features 67mm threads for attaching external wide-angle and macro lenses or color-correction filters. Built for durability, the enclosure is constructed from a galvanized aluminum alloy.

Construction Details
  • Depth rating: 328'
  • Made from a durable aluminum alloy, which has been galvanized for superb resistance to corrosion
  • Dual replaceable, sacrificial zinc anodes on the front and rear of the housing shield sensitive parts of the enclosure from saltwater, eventually being corroded in the process
  • Rotary-style latch and hinge allow for easy opening, closing, and locking
  • Housing allows for installation of an optional leak sensor with an LED lamp, which will alert you immediately in the unlikely event of water ingress
  • There is sufficient space inside the enclosure to keep the optional Sony AG-R2 grip attached to the camera during installation
Strobe Connection and Operation
  • Dual fiber-optic ports allow for the connection of optional external strobes via cables
  • Camera's built-in flash cannot be used to illuminate shots underwater, but can trigger strobes via fiber-optic cables
  • Compatible with Sea & Sea YS-01, YS-02, YS-03, YS-110a, and YS-D1 strobes
  • External flash units have greater range, coverage, power, and color-correcting capability than the camera's built-in flash
Controls and Handling
  • Mechanical push-buttons, dials, and a lever afford access to all camera functions
  • Large dial on the front of the housing connects to the camera's control ring, and enables smooth manual focusing and other functions
  • Multi-purpose control wheel on the rear of the camera is operable via the multi-controller on the back of the housing
  • All controls are accessible with your right hand
  • Camera's flash can be activated and deactivated while inside the housing
  • Piece of non-slip rubber in the upper right-hand corner on the back of the enclosure acts as a mini-grip, helping you maintain a secure hold while shooting
  • Optional LCD monitor hood blocks out excess light to prevent glare and improve visibility
  • Two ball mounts serve as connection points for optional SA8 Fixed Ball Bases, which enable the addition of arms for strobes and video lights--without requiring a grip or tray. The mounts are located on the top and side of the housing
  • Optional SA8 Ball Base for Accessory Shoe can be added to the housing's cold shoe mount to expand your lighting possibilities even further
  • Optional SA8 Tray & Grip can be connected via the tripod mount on the bottom, in order to improve handling and enable the attachment of lighting arms
Lens Port
  • Built-in, flat glass port protects the camera's lens
  • Features 67mm threads for attaching external wet lenses or color-correction filters
  • Wide-angle lenses allow you to get closer to your subjects while still fitting everything in the frame
  • M67 Wide-Angle Conversion Lens 0.6x features a 94° angle of view underwater, providing an increase in coverage that's equivalent to the difference between a 24mm and an 18mm lens (in 35mm format)
  • Macro lenses enable extreme close-ups with great clarity and detail, so you can fill the whole frame with a tiny sea creature
  • Getting closer to your subjects reduces distortion caused by the water, resulting in better image quality
  • When you're not using an external strobe, attach an optional, external color-correction filter for blue or green water to your port, in order to restore hues that are absorbed beneath the surface