cp.3100 Used Nauticam M16 HDMI Bulkhead with M14 socket extension and HDMI (D-C) Cable in 190mm length (SKU: 25029+25033+25036)

SKU # cp.3100


This item is in average used condition. It shows minor signs of cosmetic use.


  • Nauticam Standard HDMI Bulkhead with M16 Thread
  • Nauticam Socket Extension for HDMI Bulkhead with M14 Thread
  • Nauticam HDMI (D-C) Cable in 190mm Length (for Connection from HDMI Bulkhead to Camera)

Not included:

  • If it isn't listed or in the photos, it is not included.

This setup works specifically for when you need to use a M14 opening for connecting your camera to an HDMI bulkhead. You can also remove the M14 socket extension and use the standard M16 HDMI alone.