cp.2025 Used Nauticam NA-D4 Housing with Nauticam Lanyard and Snap Clips (SKU:17214)

SKU # cp.2025


This item is in good condition with obvious signs of cosmetic use. Item is in very nice condition and passed function testing of vacuum system.


  • Nauticam Nikonos 5-pin Bulkhead & Hotshoe Connection
  • 4x Nauticam 1 Inch Strobe Mounting Ball
  • Nauticam Housing Front Cap
  • Vacuum system
  • Nauticam lanyard with snap clips

Nauticam has refined their front command wheel control for D4, using a larger diameter knob that offers easier “one finger” exposure changes. In addition to the core still photo and video controls, there are some notable control enhancements.

Live View is routed out to the right handle for easy access.

ISO (the primary exposure setting when shooting video, and a useful tool for still photos, thanks to the d4’s excellent noise performance) is available at the left handle via lever.

The Info Button, which brings up the camera shooting data and provides quick access to some camera features is available via a lever at the left thumb.

Nauticam has also unveiled a new multi-controller design that provides access to the diagonal focus point movements. Traditional systems have only offered up/down/left/right control, which can make moving focus points with 51 sensors an arduous task. This new assembly should make quick AF-area changes much easier.


Pre-owned equipment is warranted to be as represented, in good working order, and pressure tested where applicable.