Holiday Gifts for the Underwater Photographer

As the Holiday season fast approaches it is customary for us to rack our brains, search our stores and scour the internet for that perfect present for our loved ones. Maybe you have an underwater photographer or videographer in your life and you want to get them something that piques their interest. The only hiccup? It can be a bit... confusing. Well, worry not savvy shopper, Reef Photo and Video is here to help. We’ve got fifteen gift ideas for budgets big and small so you can find the present that trumps them all!
The best part? If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact Reef and our hands on staff will be happy to walk you through any hesitations you might have.


Gift Ideas Under $200

1. For the Local Boater

Polar Bear Wet Bag Cooler 12, 24, and 48 Pack Size


$49.99, $59.99,  $89.99 USD


If your buddy is more of a "home-buddy" and enjoys diving locally, the Polar Bear Wet Bag Cooler is a great gift option. The small 12 pack size can fit a compact system, the medium 24 is perfect for compacts with lights or mirrorless systems, and the large 48 pack size can fit a DSLR housing, strobes and float arms; all fully assembled so it can go straight from the car to the boat without worry of any damage during transit to the dive site. It is padded and holds water so they can create their own rinse tank after the dive. Bonus! At the end of the day it can be used as a cooler for post dive drinks and snacks. Cheers!

Click here to get your Polar Bear Wet Bag Cooler


2. For the Light Traveller

Cinebag CB70 Square Grouper

$151 USD
This bag is handy for both airplane and boat travel alike. While the rugged nature of the Square Grouper is sturdy and compact enough to use as a carry on item it is also waterproof and padded, making it a perfect bag for any underwater adventurer to use for a local dive. With waterproof compartments along the inside and mesh pockets on the outside there is plenty of room for the intricate parts of their housing that may not be directly attached to it. The Square Grouper’s organization will help them keep their head on straight while their screws and ball mounts may not be!

3. For The Bits and Pieces

Cinebag CB76 Toolkit Bag

$47 USD
The Cinebag Toolkit Bag doesn’t actually come with any tools but it is perfect for the diver who already has a camera system and can’t seem to find a place for all of the pieces that came along with it. With zippered and waterproof pouches on both sides there is ample room for spare o-rings, allen keys, and screws to always have a home and never end up under your couch again! It’s really a gift for everyone if you think about it.   

4. For the Need for Speed (Write Speed that is)

Delkin Devices 64GB Power UHS-II SDXC Memory Card 2000x v90
 $114.95 USD
This gift is really ideal if you have an underwater videographer in your life, especially if they enjoy shooting in 4k and hate waiting for files to upload. With a maximum read speed of 300 MB/s and a maximum write speed of 250 MB/s, this 64GB SD card can record 8K, 4K, 3D, HDR, 360 degree, and high speed video. To top it all off it is also water, shock, and x-ray proof so it can hold up on even the most rugged underwater adventures.

5. For the Camera that’s Bringing them Down

Nauticam Carbon Fiber Aluminum Float Arms
Prices Vary with size $95-$135 USD

If you have a diver in your life whose camera system always seems to be a little negative then Nauticam Float Arms are sure to lift their spirits this holiday season. With a variety of sizes and buoyancies you can tailor to their housing’s needs. If you’re unsure of what sizes work best for their system you can sneak it out for a day and ask one of our reef representatives to help you pick out which sizing works best to get that camera system working trim and proper.

6. For the Diver Who’s Got Their Hands Full

Nauticam Lanyard with Snap Hooks 27cm, 23cm, or 18cm
$35 USD 
Nauticam Lanyard with Shackles 27cm, 20cm, or 17cm
$25 USD
With system transportation being a significant trend on this list there is no method as handy as using a lanyard. With 3 different sizes and 2 variations you can find the configuration that works best for your significant scuba diver.

     With Strobes

2 Long Multipurpose Clamps and a Lanyard with Clips
Totaling $151 USD

If they have strobes then you can give them a set of Long multipurpose clamps to replace two of the standard clamps they normally use. The clamps are like your average long clamps but have the unique feature of a shackle attached to it. Simply assemble the strobes as usual and then attach the lanyard onto the shackles for a convenient way to carry a fully assembled system in one hand. Once in the water they can unclip one side and attach it to their BCD for a little peace of mind on their surface swim.

     Without Strobes 

2 Nauticam M10 Ball mounts and a lanyard with Shackles 
Totaling $95 USD
Without strobes they would replace their standard ball mounts with a pair of M10 Strobe Mounting Balls (with Hole for using with Lanyard). Ideally they would then use a Nauticam Lanyard with Shackles to attach to the holes and instantly they have a new and secure carrying system. It's perfect to carry gear in one hand and a camera in the other, now you no longer have to help them lug their gear to the boat!


7. For Vivid Color, Without a Light

Keldan M2 Red Filter

$159 USD

Some People Don't Want to see the light... or use it rather. Which is fine with the Keldan Spectrum M2! If your underwater media maker enjoys capturing sea life without the use of artificial light this red filter is a perfect gift. This filter comes in 4 sizes; 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm making it a perfect addition to many lenses and ports. The threaded casing allows it to be attached to the lens inside of the housing or used on the outside of the housing as a wet lens if you aren't already using one. 

Gift Ideas Under $500

8. For the International Traveler

Think Tank Streetwalker Harddrive Bag  v2.0
$229.75 USD
To mention luggage one more time would be redundant right? Wrong! Because underwater photographers are such a diverse group of people they have very diverse needs. The Streetwalker Harddrive Bag is a great camera bag for international travel and can hold everything from a housing to a 15” laptop, all in the same trip, making it ideal for those of us who love hopping on a plane to our favorite dive destination. Your photo voyager can now carry their system on their back like a true backpacker and travel through any country like a pro. 

Click here for the Think Tank Streetwalker Harddrive 2.0


9. For the Diver who Needs a Little Light in their Life 

FIX Neo Premium 1500 DX SWR II Video Light (Spot/Wide/Red)

$499 USD
If your cherished cinematographer wants some light in their underwater videos the FIX Neo is a great addition to compact systems. With a maximum output of 1500 lumens and three different settings; spot beam, wide beam and red beam, they get great options for beautiful footage. This light also works perfectly on a night dive in the red wide beam mode when filming those creatures who tend to shy away from a bright white light, so they won't be hearing "The light, it burns!" from the critters they are filming. 

10. For all the Little Things

SMC-1 for Most DSLR Systems

$480 USD
 CMC-2 for Most Compact and Mirrorless Systems
$290 USD
If your beloved buddy has an affinity for macro subjects then the SMC-1 or the CMC-2 is the unique gift for them. With a 2.8x magnification of their subject, shrimp will look like giants and juveniles will look almost fully grown! While the general rule of thumb is that the SMC-1 is used for DSLR's and the CMC-2 is for compact and mirrorless systems you will want to double check the Port Chart or with a Reef representative to ensure that you are getting the right one for their system. Because it's all about the little things in life right?     

Click here for the SMC-1

Click here for the CMC-2

11. For Learning How to Use Their Gifts!

 Blue Heron Bridge Workshop

$450 USD 
Nothing says you care like the gift of knowledge and if you've got an underwater photographer in your life then a workshop with the pro's is the perfect package. With three and a half days filled with photo knowledge at one of the top macro sites in the world you really can't go wrong with this gift. They'll be receiving knowledge about macro systems, lighting, their personal camera and general applications of Adobe Lightroom. There are several dates that you can book so you can find a time that works for them! Don't live in South Florida? No worries, we can help you get settled into a hotel and you can even come along for a fun Floridian getaway!

Gift Ideas Under $2,000

12. For a Great Gift in a Flash... Or Strobe Rather

       2 Inon S-2000 S-TTL Strobes

Totaling $730 USD
For great lighting on a budget we like to recommend the Inon S-2000 strobe. It's a handy, lightweight and reliable piece of equipment that works great on small to medium sized subjects. It has a 110° horizontal field of view with a diffuser so when you purchase two they will be able to accurately light a subject. Mounts, arms, optic cables and batteries are not included but even with the extra attachments you'll be well below that $2,000 budget. It's a gift that is sure to light up their holiday!

13. For Broadening Their Horizon

Wet Wide Lens with Buoyancy Collar, Bayonet Mount and Hard Cap

Totaling $1360 USD

When I think about incredible gifts none better comes to mind than the Nauticam Wet Wide Lens. This lens gives a 130° Field of View making it a perfect addition to many compact and mirrorless systems. In adding the Buoyancy Collar, Bayonet Adaptor and Hard cap you are giving your bubble buddy a complete package that will open their eyes to the world of wide angle. If you're not sure if their system will work with the WWL-1 then you can check the Port Chart or talk to one of our Reef representatives.  

14. For the Diver who Needs a Lot of Light in Their Life 

  Keldan Video 8x Light (13,000 Lumen)

This 13,000 Lumen video light is an exceptional gift for the underwater videographer in your life. With unparalleled light quality, a 110° Field of View, and a beautiful ergonomic design the Keldan 8x video light says to them "you deserve the best". Because while relationships may be about compromise, their video light shouldn't have to be. 

15. For the Whole Package

 Nauticam NA-LX10 Pro Package & Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10 Camera

 $Totaling 1,947.99
So maybe your dive buddy isn't an underwater photographer yet but has always taken an interest in it, enter the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10 and Nauticam NA-LX10 Pro Package. This camera and housing have the tools you need in order to get your loved one to dip their toe into underwater photography. The pro package comes complete with a Flexitray, right handle, two mounting balls, handle brackets, M14 vacuum valve, and shutter extension; all pre-assembled for maximum convenience.This compact system is amazing for macro life with it's minimum f-stop of 1.8 and a minimum focusing distance of 3cm. So go ahead, get your loved one the best gift you can, the gift of underwater photography!