My order status is . . . What does that mean?

Your order is always assigned a status, which can be viewed by logging into your account using your email address and password:
  • If you placed your order online, you selected a password when you created your account.
  • If you placed your order by telephone, you were emailed a password. You can log in using that password, and then modify your password to one of your choice.
Order status:

  • Pending:
    • Your order is in our system and is awaiting clerical processing.
  • Processing:
    • Your order has been printed and sent to shipping for fulfilment .
  • Shipped:
    • Your order has been packed and scheduled for pickup by the shipper.
    • Once the shipping label has been printed, you will get an email from us with the tracking number.
    • Once the shipper scans the package into their system, you will get a confirmation from them.
  • Update:
    • Your order is incomplete and not ready for processing. This may be because:
      • you ordered non-standard items which we are trying to locate
      • you called or emailed us to add items to your order
      • an issue may have arisen with your payment
      • you requested a change in shipping instructions
If you ever have questions about your order, feel free to call us at 877-453.8927 or use our handy Contact Page for more information.