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Nauticam NA-XZ1 housing for Olympus XZ-1 camera

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Model: nau.17801
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Nauticam NA-XZ1 housing for Olympus XZ-1 camera

A compact camera with this much functionality demands a rugged yet compact housing, and the Nauticam engineers have delivered with an aluminum housing offering all of that functionality to the underwater shooter. The Nauticam NA-XZ1 housing (part number #17801) puts the power of the XZ-1 camera into the palm of your hand, and your BCD pocket.

The compact housing fits the XZ-1 camera like a glove.  No controls need to be preset when installing the camera in the housing – simply drop it in.  The housing is securely closed with a locking rotary latch.  The compact form factor, ease of use, excellent image quality and P&S functionality make this a perfect system for everyone from new u/w shooters to pros that want a camera that will fit into their BCD pocket.

Depth rating : 75m
Dimension: 155.7mm (W) x 108.6mm (H) x 112.3mm (T)
Weight: Approx.800g

Two of the most important features in any camera for underwater photography are the ability to capture images in RAW format as well as manual control over f-stop and shutter speed.  Both functions are available with XZ-1.  XZ-1 also allows automatic flash exposure (TTL Flash) in Manual exposure mode, a feature missing from Canon G and S Series cameras.

Controls are simple but well though out, with familiar push buttons for quick access to functions like macro mode, flash mode, etc.  Dual control rings (one on the camera back, one around the lens) immediately access frequently used manual settings like ISO, F-Stop, and Shutter Speed.  With a dedicated movie start/stop button recording 720P / 30fps video clips is only a pushbutton away.

Flash Diffuser
Nauticam flash diffuser is available as an option.

Wet Mount Lenses

For wide angle photography with this housing we recommend the Inon UWL-H100 Type 2 lens.

For macro photography we recommend the Inon UCL-165M67 lens.

Olympus XZ-1

Olympus has a fine history in the underwater imaging world, and many of today’s photographers started with one of their earlier enthusiast cameras, such as the C-4040 or C-5050. The new XZ-1 Olympus builds on that history.  The bright f/1.8 28mm lens, dual control dials, TruePic V processor and HD video capability make XZ-1 ready to capture great images underwater. The 10MP sensor in the XZ-1 is a high sensitivity 1/1.63″ CCD, and is one of the largest sensors available in a compact camera.

Read more about the XZ-1 and other compact cameras in this article from our knowlegebase.

Inon dome unit and uwl-h100 lens on nauticam na-xz1
Nauticam nz-xz1 with inon uwl-h100 lens
 NA-XZ1 with UWL-H100
and Dome Unit II
 NA-XZ1 with UWL-H100

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