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Lightroom U/W 1&2 at Pura Vida Divers

May 22, 2017 thru May 26, 2017

1Lightroom Underwater!

Introduction to Post Processing with Lightroom™ for the Underwater Photographer

These two workshops will be held at Pura Vida Divers on Singer Island.

Google map to Pura Vida Divers

Levels 1 & 2

Discover the power of Lightroom - the best tool available for post-processing your underwater images. Lightroom excels at managing your photo library, allowing you to organize your images to make them easy to find. Learn about non-destructive editing - the basis of Lightroom, allowing you to confidently make adjustments without fear of losing data.

Level 1: 
This is a beginner level workshop, aimed at those just starting out with Lightroom, or wanting help with the basics of importing, organizing, culling images and then making the most of out Lightroom's tools to make your images look great. Bring your laptop and some images - there will be plenty of hands on time with instructor interaction. Being able to practice what you learn as you learn reinforces the concepts and will make you a better Lightroom "pilot".

We'll focus on these areas:

  • Organization - catalogs, files, folders - how to make it work for you
  • Lightroom - Make it your workspace, and maximize screen real estate
  • Importing images - getting images from camera to computer
  • Editing/culling - quickly separating good/bad images, and getting rid of the bad ones
  • Cataloging - organizing your images so that you can easily find them - years from now
  • Develop images - beautiful images without looking "photoshopped"
  • Underwater edits - u/w shots need special care and techniquest


Level 2: 

This is a intermediate-advanced level workshop, aimed at people people who have finished our Lightroom 1 class, those who are comfortable with the basics of Lightroom, and/or those with strong computer skills. This class builds on Underwater Lightroom 1 by tackling more advanced organization and edits, and access to lesser known Lightroom features.

This is a hands on class, so please bring your laptop with a recent Lightroom version installed. Bring at least 10 images, RAW preferred, that you would like to work on. Being able to practice what you learn as you learn it reinforces the concepts and will having you zipping through Lightroom edits with ease.

We'll focus on these areas:

  • More Underwater specific edits/li>
  • Exporting images and Publish Services
  • Printing - what you need to get great prints
  • Storage and backup strategies
  • Photoshop integration, plugins, more
  • Travelling - How to manage and merge multiple catalogs
  • Lightroom Mobile


We'll also cover some ways to tame your current image collection, even if it is scattered across many hard drives. Bring your images!

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